Coordinator: Dr Aldo Morrone

This LINE is divided into four macro-areas:

  • Clinical Outcomes in Infectious and Tropical Dermatology; Clinical Epidemiology and Microbiological and Molecular Characterization of STIs
  • Clinical Outcomes in Oncological Dermatology
  • Clinical outcomes in Inflammatory Dermatology
  • International Dermatology and Global Health.

The research line aims to validate and transfer to the National Health System management models aimed at guaranteeing an appropriate prescription and optimization of resources in the management of oncological, inflammatory and tropical diseases of dermatological interest.                                                                  The promotion of preventive, clinical and therapeutic strategies to prevent dermatological diseases, including imported pathologies generated by migratory flows, and requires epidemiological surveillance programs and specific training activities with epidemiological studies on infectious diseases and vaccine prevention (HPV) of groups of population at risk, validation of early diagnosis techniques, drug resistance assessment, optimization of non-invasive methods for the optimization of therapies, strategies for contrasting imported pathologies and tropical diseases The optimization of clinical outcomes in oncological and inflammatory dermatology and in infectious dermatology and tropical, requires new, adequately validated management approaches that include epidemiological surveillance, prevention, early diagnosis and prescriptive appropriateness. Organizational models that respond to these needs and specific training activities are necessary.


  • Validation of molecular techniques for early diagnosis of dermatological infections. Analysis of the prevalence / incidence of sexually transmitted infections. Diagnostic and therapeutic paradigms for the management and prevention of HIV and HPV infections.
  • Validation of methods aimed at containing the radiation dose used for instrumental monitoring of patients in follow-up.
  • National and international promotion of diagnostic, management, preventive, clinical and therapeutic strategies to combat the spread of tropical and neglected diseases.
  • Epidemiological data on the prevalence of sexually transmitted infectious diseases and tropical diseases. Impact of anti-HPV vaccination strategies in at-risk male population groups.
  • Validation of innovative techniques for the early diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases and evaluation of viral and bacterial drug resistance.
  • Validation of procedures for reducing doses of ionizing radiation / contrast media in instrumental follow-up.
  • Validation of instrumental methods for optimizing the management of biological therapies. National / international promotion of strategies to combat import pathologies, tropical and neglected diseases.