Coordinator: Dr Antonio Cristaudo

This LINE includes four macro-areas:

  • Infectious Dermatology
  • Inflammatory Dermatology
  • Oncological Dermatology
  • Regenerative Medicine.

Dermatological pathologies have a high incidence in the general population and the demand for services is second only to that for cardiological pathologies. Sexually transmitted infections maintain a high impact on the general population and represent a significant element generated by migratory phenomena. On the other hand, the pathogenetic mechanisms responsible for the development of inflammatory, degenerative and neoplastic skin diseases are similar to those that trigger similar diseases in other organs and systems. The conduct of clinical trials aimed at validating new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic outcomes in dermatology acquires particular relevance for the NHS, both to provide appropriate responses to the growing specialist demand and as models of clinical and therapeutic management. Clinical experimentation is a step in translational research, aimed at transferring scientific findings to the clinical and therapeutic management of patients, through the validation of the diagnostic value and the predictive potential of clinical, histological, instrumental, microbiological and biohumoral markers of pathology, the correct identification of therapeutic targets and verification of the effectiveness of new therapeutic approaches. In particular, the characterization of the disease phases and the development of innovative therapeutic approaches is the basis of modern precision medicine, aimed at guaranteeing the appropriateness and effectiveness of clinical and therapeutic management and at enhancing the correct use of the human and economic resources available.


  • Validation of clinical, histological, instrumental, microbiological, biohumoral parameters for the clinical and therapeutic monitoring of infectious diseases of dermatological interest, including the development of drug resistance, inflammatory / degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, neoplastic diseases
  • Clinical validation of new therapeutic approaches. Expected results. Validation of diagnostic algorithms and of the predictive value of clinical, histological, microbiological, biohumoral and instrumental parameters also developed with non-invasive techniques for the nosological classification and the clinical and therapeutic management of dermatological diseases with skin and / or systemic involvement.
  • Validation of innovative therapeutic protocols for district and systemic pathologies.