Emilia Migliano, MD


Medical Staff

Ettore Bertozzi, MD

Antonio Bonadies, MD

Renzo Cristiani, MD

Tiziano Pallara, MD

Claudia Romani, MD

Marinella Tedesco, MD


The Unit of Plastic Surgery of San Gallicano Institute deals with the demolitive and reconstructive surgical treatment of all skin cancer pathologies. The structure has obtained the OECI (European Organization for the Quality Assurance of Oncological Care) Clinical Center certification  as a European center of excellence for the quality of cutaneous oncological treatments and is an integral part of the ERN network (European Reference Network), actively participating in the EURACAN project in close collaboration with the Oncological Dermatology Unit, for the diagnosis, treatment, and research of adult rare solid tumors such as Merkel cell carcinoma, Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, mucosal tumors, Kaposi's sarcomas, liposarcomas and fibrosarcomas.


Main Research Area:

  • Innovative treatments in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers
  • Translational medicine
  • Regenerative surgery

Principal topics:

  • Melanoma (stem cells and microenvironment)
  • Vitiligo (studies on melanocytes, lipid and mitochondrial metabolism)
  • Translational research on melanoma (projects on liquid biopsy and bio-banking of melanoma)
  • Squamous carcinomas (keratinocyte studies and photoexposure damage)
  • Adipose tissue (on adult stem cells, on the methods of extraction of the stromal fraction and on the characterization and comparison of efficacy)
  • Growth factors from peripheral blood (Platelet Rich Plasma): therapeutic effects on scars and pressure ulcers
  • Identification of molecular targets and virological studies in rare skin and mucosal cancers (IRE-ISG Translational Group)
  • Combined cell therapies in reconstructive plastic surgery (clinical applications) on giant nevi and pathological scars.