The management of rare cancers poses significant diagnostic challenges, sometimes having major consequences for patients’ quality of life and outcome. Inappropriate management of these patients may also result in an increase risk of relapse, and even death. In order to solve these issues, EURACAN was established in year 2016

EURACAN acts as a virtual network connecting patients and expert healthcare professionals across Europe. The aim is to tackle these complex and rare cancers that require highly specialized treatment and concentrated knowledge and resources.

More than 300 rare cancers have been identified. EURACAN covers all rare adult solid tumor cancers, grouping them into 10 domains:

  1. Connective tissue (sarcomas)*
  2. Female genital organs and placenta
  3. Male genital organs and urinary tract*
  4. Neuroendocrine system*
  5. Digestive tract*
  6. Endocrine organs*
  7. Head and neck
  8. Torax*
  9. Skin and eye melanoma*
  10. Brain and spinal cord*

*Domains where the Istituto Regina Elena has been an accredited Euracan Member since year 2016