The IRCCS Regina Elena National Cancer Research (IRE) is one of the founder members of Alliance Against Cancer (ACC), the largest Italian organization for cancer research, that was established in 2002 by the Italian Ministry of Health as a network of six high standard institutes for comprehensive cancer patient care and research (IRCCS).

The primary aim of ACC is to promote the network among oncologic institutes pursuing mainly clinical and translational research in order to bring state of the art diagnostics and advanced therapeutics to patient care.

In addition to the aims of translational medicine, ACC also fosters research through international collaborative networks of excellence, such as Transcan ACC is one of the funding agencies in this European network that coordinates translational research projects that are selected by means of high standard evaluation procedures.

The Association is currently made up of 26 Comprehensive Cancer Center, AIMaC, Italian Sarcoma Group, CNAO Foundation and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

Actually, eleven Working Groups (WGs) that deal with the main types of cancer (Colon, Breast, Lung, Glioblastoma, Melanoma and Sarcoma) and clinical research (Genomics, Pathological Anatomy and Biobanks, Oncohematology, Immunotherapy and Radiomics) are active in the ACC. These are collaborative groups formed by the best national reference experts who deal with programming clinical research and optimizing the use of new drugs for each individual tumor pathology. The IRE Institute participate to all WGs with the participation of pre-clinical and clinical representative.