Coordinator: Prof. Roy De Vita, MD


To offer an integrated and quality program to guarantee the care of patients with a diagnosis of suspected or ascertained breast cancer in the various phases of diagnostic confirmation and therapy, in order to improve the continuity of care, consistent with the lines guide based on the available evidence and with the most current scientific research lines.

All patients will be offered the same entry possibilities into clinical trials that may be underway at the Institute for each individual case.

The program also aims to:

  • Improve waiting times for the therapeutic diagnostic process, by setting company standards;
  • Improve the information and communication aspects with the patient,
  • Optimize and monitor the quality levels of the care provided, through the identification of process and outcome indicators and the development of a data collection and analysis system.

Moreover the program intends to consolidate the relationships with voluntary associations through systematic participation, scientific dissemination initiatives, with the General Practitioners Association and with the Medical Association of Rome.

The program also implements the systematic data collection for patient monitoring using the EUSOMA software and according with EUSOMA requirements and standards in order to be able to compete at European level.

Clinical Activities

The program is divided into the following phases:

  1. Organization of activities: the assistance model
  2. Patient access
  3. Diagnostic phase: diagnostic therapeutic evaluation of the multidisciplinary team
  4. Therapeutic phase
  5. Follow-up
  6. Advanced treatment of cancer

Research Activities

Developing strategies for permanent professional training and information addressed to the citizens are part of the scientific/informative activities of the Breast Unit