The research objectives of the Oncogenomic and Epigenetic Unit are pursed through the integrated experimental work of the following groups:

Blandino’s group is actively pursuing the identification of molecular biomarkers non-coding RNAs whose association with the TP53 status may predict recurrence of head and neck cancers.

Biroccio’s group is actively investigating the extra-telomeric role of TRF2 in oncogenesis with the aim to identify novel therapeutic targets for antitumoral therapies in colon cancer.

Giacomini’s group is actively developing and optimizing nanoparticles for cancer therapeutics, and assays to detect circulating tumor DNA ctDNA in real-life Liquid Biopsy LBstudies.

Rizzo’s group is actively investigating the role of extracellular circulating miRNAs in hematopoietic malignancies and brain tumors as promising biomarkers for disease classification and outcome prediction.

The Segatto’s group has generated genetically defined mouse models of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma iCCA driven by FGFR2 fusion proteins FFP.These models are being used to identify iCCA vulnerabilities associated to oncogenic dependence from FFPs.