Head: Dr. Maria Laura Foddai, MD


Mafalda De Rienzo, MD

Stefano Iaboni, MD

Giuseppina Natale, MD

Marco Zucchiatti, Technician Coordinator

Nadia Coculo, Technician

Maria Piedimonte, Technician

Daniela Mozzetti, Technician

Daniela Di Mambro, Technician

Chiara Cherri, Technician

Claudia Caruso, Technician

Giuseppina Chichierchia, Biologist

Ilenia Saladini, Nurse

Fabio Schiumarini, Nurse

Adriana Merola, Nurse

Angela Marceddu, Nurse

Domenico Sorrentino, Nurse

Clinical Activity

The Immunohaematology and Trasfusion Medicine ServicBlood derivatives ameliorate myogenic progenitor cells proliferation and differentiation:

In collaboration with Department of Biology of Rome University Tor Vergata, we are developing a project regarding the effect of human blood derived serum and/or growth factor on human derived perivascular myogenic progenitor/stem cell, namely pericytes. So, the project purpose is to test human blood derivatives in order to supersede problems related to animal medium supplement and cell therapy for clinical application; moreover, working with human derived stem cdls, we are analyzing the effect of human serum and growth factors on the myogenic capabilities of human skeletal muscle derived pericytes.

Bcl-2 promotes recruitment and differentiation of macrophages towards a M2-like phenotype:

Evaluation of platelets-rich plasma effectiveness m vulvar lichen sclerosus in collaboration with plastic surgery unit.