Peritoneal Disease: Translational research of micro-RNA modifications induced by HIPEC.

Minimally Invasive Techniques in Surgical Oncology: The experts are well aware of the work published by our group on laparoscopic diagnosis of peritoneal carcinosis and hyper-thermic antiblastic perfusion of the abdomen in refractory neoplastic ascites with mini-invasive. The group’s experience in advanced minimally invasive surgery in over 30 years of activity also includes colon and rectum resection, wedge resections of the stomach and small intestine, distal pancreaetctomy, splenectomy for haematological diseases, adrenalectomy. PI: Dr. M. Valle, Dr. O. Federici, Dr. F. Carboni

ULTRAPLACAD (ULTRAsensitve PLAsmonic devices for early Cancer Diagnosis) within the framework of the European project (funds 15/07/R/33) headed by Dr Giacomini (Oncogenomics Laboratory). From the preliminary results, the possibility of identfying circulating neoplastic DNA, which could be of great useful in the early diagnosis of primary tumors and relapses after treatment. The indications for front line chemotherapy, appears very promising. PI: Dr F. Carboni; Dr. S. Zazza.

Gastric Cancer: a research study is about to begin evaluating the association of biologic drugs to standard neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced gastric cancer. These new protocols of therapies have been used in the adjuvant setting only until now, but they could allow retrieval of patients for radical surgery. PI: Dr M. Valle, Dr. F. Carboni

Sarcomi: A selected group of tumours is included, requiring a multidisciplinary approach with ortophedic, oncologist, radioterapist, radiologist, nuclear physician, pathologist and psicologist. The main role of surgeon is the treatment of primary and recurrent retroperitonal tumours, as well as diffuse sarcomatosis. The coordination with the other specialties is managed by Dr. F. Corona