The Cardiology operating Unit substantially has three aspects:

  • Support to surgery in terms of preoperative cardiovascular function evaluation in the intra-operative emergency and in any patient’s appreciation as a results of complications.
  • The state of cardiac evaluation of the patient to be subjected to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, pre or post-surgery, given the already documented cardiotoxicity of some therapeutic lines and in particular of some specific groups of drugs. To this is added the periodic monitoring, clinical and instrumental, the treated patient, and in accordance with research protocols defined and shared with colleague oncologists conforming with the guidelines defined by available.
  • The UO Cardiology is part of the most solid and accreditated reality associational cardiology and cardio-oncology, in the evaluation of cardiotoxic effects of some anticancer drugs, in research and in the development of myocardial damage markers in outcome and patient who underwent cardiac surgery for cancer.