The main research topics of the Division is the study of new drugs (targeted therapies, immunological checkpoint inhibitors, etc) their combinations and/or sequence and new strategies of integrated treatments in almost all solid tumors of the adult population. Some studies are also addressed to the treatment of pediatric bone sarcomas.

The Division is committed to conducting national and international clinical trials in collaboration with industries or no-profit cooperative groups.

During 2020, 63 clinical studies were ongoing in different tumors, with the enrolment of 526 patients. Field of interest of the Division is also the involvement in projects that investigate and promote patient’s quality of life (such as integrated medicine and narrative medicine) in collaboration with patient associations.

The clinical research activity of the Division is sustained by five fully trained data manager with expertise in conducting clinical trials in good clinical practice.

Special emphasis is moreover given to the collaboration with basic researchers to identify molecular prognostic or predictive biomarkers. This latter activity is shared with the internal laboratories department and with the research branch of other national cancer institutes. The medical division is also involved in the basic research that is carried out within its own laboratory, equipped with research personnel and instruments suitable for cell cultures and molecular diagnostics. The main field of activity is aimed at understanding the mechanisms of signal transduction and phosphorylation of tumor cells.

This activity is supported with founds provided by national research organization (AIRC). Most physicians of the Division are involved in scientific boards, guidelines editing groups and in national and international networks.